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International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF)

Intro – Table of Contents

Leadership – Role of the Coach

Organization – Practice Organization & Planning for the Season

Physiology – Athlete Growth & Development; Physical preparation & fitness

Psychology – Building Self Esteem

Safety – Injury prevention; managing risk; harassment & abuse

Tactics – Individual Offensive Skills & Offensive Team concepts

Teaching – Teaching technique; Skills Analysis & factors that influence learning

Technical – Individual Skills Development

Communication – Developing effective communication skills

USA Hockey

Level 1 Initiation Program – Overview & Discussion of Cross Ice Games

Level 1 / manual A – Lesson Plans for Skill Development

Level 1 / manual B – Lesson Plans for Skill Development

Level 1 / manual C – Lesson Plans for Skill Development

Level 1 / manual D – Lesson Plans for Skill Development


Speed Of Mind - Jack Blatherwick talks about developing the mental side of the game.

Understanding the Youth Hockey Player - Hal Tearse, Associate coach for Minnesota Hockey, discusses how important effective communication is to the teaching process when dealing with children

Half Ice Practice Plan – Half ice sample practice by Misha Donskov of the Atlanta Thrashers